5 E Commerce Tips to Increase Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the ultimate technique to increase organic traffic on your eCommerce website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the ultimate technique to increase organic traffic on your eCommerce website. It is the most effective way to attract repetitive customers and generate new customers by focusing on their search queries.

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Not only established firms, but SEO has also done wonders for start-ups with limited funds for marketing and customer acquisition. But the aim is not only to rank higher but secure the 1st rank in the search results. So,what are the best eCommerce SEO tips in boosting a website ranking?

Here are a few eCommerce SEO tips that will help you to ace the game of SEO and generate more traffic for your website.

Ecommerce SEO Tips to Generate More Traffic

Keyword research

Before getting started on your keyword optimization, the first step is to do some research on the keywords. If you are new to the business and are wondering how to start the SEO for an eCommerce website, this is where to start.

Keyword research helps in analyzing and finding the terms people use to search for a particular product.  The research should answer the following questions:

  • What are the relevant topics for your business?
  • What are the keyword phrases being used to search for those topics?
  • What are the related search items associated with the topic?
  • What is the user intent behind the search?

For instance, a company like Amazon would have keyword searches like buy phones online, buy a laptop online, best electronic store online, etc.

SEO tools are useful in finding the right keywords for your business. It is extremely important to research, analyze, and select relevant and most popular keywords related to your business for keyword optimization to work.

Keyword optimization

Always remember that the keyword is the king. This is one of the most effective eCommerce SEO tips.You might not understand the importance of a keyword until you are marketing online. Keywords are the driving factors that connect your site to the customers. Hence, it is of utmost importance to pay extra attention to the keywords being used in your search result pages.

These keywords should be used in the page strategically in all places. You can include the keyword in:

  • Title tag
  • Page Header
  • Product description
  • Meta description
  • Image tag
  • URL

Improve and update

Once your keywords are in place, the next step is to constantly analyze the results and improve your keywords. You need to analyze which keywords work for you and which do not.

You can use tools to find which existing keywords are leading customers to your website. One such tool is the Traffic Analytics Tool by Google. Once you find such keywords, use them strategically to improve the results.

Title tag optimization

Title tags are also known as SEO title tags or meta titles for SEO. Title tags might seem like a small thing but are very impactful to improve SEO. This is one of the most effective eCommerce SEO tips.

The headline and title tag

A headline is the first interaction with the user. It helps grab attention to further explore the page. But this only happens when it also makes a good title tag for Search result optimization.

What makes a good title tag?

  • Short title: Less than 60 characters
  • Should include the focused keyword
  • Should grab attention in the first instance
  • Distinct tags for each page

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