Elevated Liver Enzymes: Causes And Prevention


Although we hear a lot about liver disease, most people don't know what it is. Experts advise against elevated liver enzyme levels. Experts advise against having elevated liver enzyme levels.

This article will discuss elevated liver enzymes. We'll explain what they are and how to fix them. You will be able to understand how these enzymes function and the signs and symptoms that should prompt you to visit a healthcare professional.

Liver Enzymes: What Are They?

Hepatocytes are a group of cells that make up the liver. These cells are capable of receiving blood and performing many chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are made possible by enzymes.

Enzymes are proteins that have very complex structures. Certain substances can be suited to their tridimensional arrangement. The liver enzymes attach substances to the blood, just like two pieces in a puzzle. Enzyme structures can react with these substances to change them. Some enzymes can break down the substance into two parts. Some enzymes attach a chemical tag or marker that the kidneys can recognize to capture and eliminate toxic substances.

In any case, liver enzymes can be a good thing. They are necessary to perform all metabolic reactions in your liver. They might be known as AST, ALT, GOT, and GPT. They are one and the same thing. Their full names are aspartate aminotransferase/alanine aminotransferase. They are not the only enzymes found in the liver. Gamma-glutamyl Transferase and alkaline Phosphatase are also available.

AST and ALT are important because they are synthesized almost exclusively in the liver. A change in these enzymes is a direct result of the liver, as there is no other source. These enzymes shouldn't be found anywhere in the body except the liver. High levels of liver enzymes in blood are not normal. This is why liver damage should be investigated.

What are Considered High Liver Enzymes?

laboratory used to measure the liver enzymes can vary the normal range. They are generally close to these numbers.

  • Up to 42 micromoles of Alanine aminotransferase ALT per liter
  • Aspartate aminotransferase, (AST): Up to 37 micromoles/liter
  • Normal range of serum alkaline phosphatase, (ALP), between 60 and 306 micromoles/liter
  • Serum gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT): normal range between 11-60 micromoles per liter

A higher than normal number should not be considered and should be assessed by a doctor.

But there is a question: How can high liver enzymes be harmful to your health? Most of these enzymes cannot be found in any other parts of the body. The liver is the only organ that can synthesize liver enzymes like ALT and AST. They cannot escape the liver and remain in the blood unless the hepatocytes become destroyed.

High levels of liver enzymes indicate that the liver is breaking down and releasing the enzymes from the blood. This could be due to a liver dysfunction or significant tissue destruction.

You can see that high liver enzyme levels are not harmful. They are likely leaking from an injured liver.

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