Acne Free and Stay Slim with Suitable Contraceptives

You don't want hormonal contraception but your doctors say it could make you look fatter or cause pimples. Are you afraid of getting pregnant if you use a condom? What contraceptive should you use? The following article will help you choose the best contraception without pimples and without becoming fat.

Many women fear that acne and excess body fat can make them look scary. There are many factors that can cause acne or make someone fat. These include unhealthy lifestyles, hormone changes, and certain drugs.

Contraceptives that are unsafe can cause acne and fat

There are many options for contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. These include hormonal contraceptives like birth control pills and birth control injections. Or nonhormonal contraceptives such as IUDs, female condoms and spermicides.

Hormonal birthcontrol is known to be susceptible to obesity and acne. This was particularly true for homonal contraceptives products that contained high levels of estrogen and progestin.

Progestin, a synthetic hormone that mimics the progesterone hormone, can increase appetite. High estrogen levels can cause fluid accumulation. The risk of obesity increases when hormonal birth control is used.

The situation is not the same with hormonal birth control products that have the most recent formulations. The risk of weight gain is low with hormonal birth control. The active ingredients in the most recent hormonal birth control can decrease sebum production so that acne risk can be reduced.

You also know that weight gain and acne appearance are not caused by hormonal contraception. Weight gain can also be caused by unhealthy eating habits, inactivity, or the use of certain drugs.

The risk of developing acne is not just due to the choice of the wrong contraceptive, but also because of unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits, such as staying up late or touching your face before washing your hands.

Tips to Avoid Acne or Fat

The explanations above show that hormonal birth control doesn't always cause obesity and acne. To avoid getting acne and to keep your skin healthy, you should live a healthy life and have good habits.

There are now combination birth control pills which contain Drospirenone as well as ethinylestradiol. Drospirenone, a fourth-generation synthetic progesterone, has antiandrogenic qualities. This property is known to control the glands that produce excessive sebum, which can prevent acne from recurring.

Drospirenone has also antimineralcorticoid properties. This can help reduce fluid retention and fluid accumulation, which can lead to weight gain. You can achieve beautiful birth control while staying slim.

Birth control pills have a much higher success rate than other contraceptives in preventing or delaying pregnancy. It can be as high as 99%. These benefits are possible if you use them as directed and regularly.

You can feel more confident in choosing a birthcontrol device that won't make your body fat or spotty. You can look slim and beautiful even if you're on a birthcontrol program if you live a healthy life and take the right birth control medications.

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