Bad Effects of Air Pollution on Pregnancy

Exposure to excessive levels of air pollution can have adverse effects on pregnant women and their babies. Preterm labor is one of the negative effects of air pollution during pregnancy.

Pregnant women are not the only ones who suffer from air pollution. Numerous studies have been done to evaluate the effect of air pollution upon pregnancy. Vehicle exhaust, which is composed of pollutants in the form particles and toxic gases, was used as the air pollution.

Fine particulate matter of approximately 2.5 microns in diameter was used to study the particles. Because of its small size, it can easily penetrate the lungs and get into the placenta via the bloodstream. The toxic gases at issue are carbon monoxide (CO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2).

Effect of air pollution exposure on pregnant women and their children

The mother's health and any environmental exposures the mother receives, including air pollution and toxic substances, greatly influence the growth and development of the foetus.

Exposure to air pollution can have adverse effects on pregnancy.

1. Premature birth

One study found that nearly 3 million children are born prematurely each year because of air pollution. This means that 18% of preterm births are due to air pollution.

Premature birth can happen for many reasons. However, it is possible to avoid air pollution and reduce the likelihood of premature birth.

2. Low birth weight

Low birth weight babies may be due to many factors such as malnutrition, multiple pregnancies or infections during pregnancy. A study also found that women who are frequently exposed to air pollution may give birth to babies less than 2.5kg.

3. Autism

Research shows that autistic babies born to pregnant women who have been exposed to too much air pollution in the last trimester of their pregnancy are twice as likely to be born to those women.

4. Asthma complications

Asthma can be triggered by continuous exposure to polluting air. This condition can cause severe problems in pregnant women.

The safety of the baby can be endangered if asthma recurs or is not treated promptly.

Pregnant women should pay more attention to the environmental conditions around their homes in order to prevent the negative effects of pollution on their pregnancy. It's best for pregnant women to avoid outdoor activities in areas where there is a lot of pollution.

If you absolutely must do outdoor activities , use a mask . Choose a time between sunrise and sunset. Because sunlight can cause ozone levels to rise, trapping pollutants in the air, this is important.

Pregnant women can put air filters in their rooms and close all windows to prevent air pollution from entering the house . Remind pregnant women who live in the house to not smoke.

Routine pregnancy checks to the doctor are vital to monitor the health of pregnant women as well as their fetuses.

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