Causes of Swollen Eyes During Pregnancy and How to Overcome Them

While pregnant, women may have swelling in specific areas of their body, such as the eyes. Eyes that are swollen during pregnancy can affect appearance and can cause discomfort. What is the root cause of this condition and what can be done to get rid of it?

In addition to complaints of swelling eyes pregnant women may often suffer from swelling in other areas of their body, such as the face, hands as well as the feet . If it's not associated with other symptomslike eyes that are blurred, migraines or discomfort, the problem is typically benign and will disappear in its own time following the birth.

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Causes of Swollen Eyes During Pregnancy

Eyes that are swollen during pregnancy happen because of the accumulation of fluid inside the connective tissue that surrounds the eyes. The condition can manifest anytime during pregnancy, but typically starts at the end of the second trimester. It increases during the final trimester.

The cause of this complaint could be from a variety of causes including:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • The amount of body fluids and blood during pregnancy
  • Fatigue caused by the lack of sleep such as due to nausea, or frequent awakens at night to pee
  • Drinks with caffeine that are excessively consumed or food items high in salt

Various Ways to Overcome Swollen Eyes During Pregnancy

To treat eye swelling issues in pregnancy There are a variety of steps to address swollen eyes pregnant women can perform at home. These include:

1. Make sure to compress the eye using cold water.

The first thing pregnant women can take is apply cold compresses on swollen eyes. Cold compresses may help in reducing blood vessels, thus reducing the buildup of fluid within the eye tissue and decreasing swelling.

To make cold compresses expecting mothers may wrap the ice into the form of a cloth, or soak a dry, dry cloth in cold water. Then, squeeze the cloth. After that, apply it to the eye for a period of 10-15 minutes. The process can be repeated several times per every day.

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2. Make sure to compress the eye with slices of cucumber

The act of putting cukes on the eyes could also help reduce inflammation, you know . The high content of water in cucumbers can also help to moisturize the area of the skin that surrounds the eyes.

When compressing the eyes with slices of cucumber, put them in the refrigerator prior to compressing them to feel a refreshing sensation to the eye. Make sure to compress the eyes using cucumber slices for 15 minutes, and then lie on your back, in a comfortable position.

3. Change your diet

To lessen the chance of swelling that can occur during pregnancy, women are advised to consume healthy foods and cut down on salt consumption. Consuming too much salt may cause body fluids to build up, causing eyes begin to swell.

4. Adjust the angle of the head during sleep.

If you are sleeping, make use of at least two pillows to avoid the build-up of fluids that cause eye swelling. Also, place your body to the left to increase blood flow and help you sleep better.

If women who are pregnant feel anxious over their eyes swelling and eyes, they can apply makeup to hide dark circles and swelling around the eyes. Makeup specifically created specifically for the eye area, and select a color that is a match for the skin tone of your.

If eyes are swollen and present along with other symptoms like eyes pain, red and eyelids that are watery, dizziness or vision impairment or vision loss, and don't improve after these steps were completed, you must seek out a physician so that you receive the appropriate procedure .

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