Health Things to Know about Gastric Endoscopy

To determine the state of your stomach, gastric endoscopy (or gastric binoculars) is performed. For those who experience frequent stomach problems, such as heartburn or recurrent heartburn, this examination is recommended.

An endoscope is a tube-shaped instrument that has a camera at its end. It is used for gastric endoscopy. This procedure is not only used for taking photos or videos but can also be used to obtain gastric tissue for biopsy.

The purpose of gastric endoscopy

Gastric endoscopy's main purpose is to allow doctors to see the stomach and identify abnormalities, such as stomach inflammation, infection and stomach carcinoma.

The doctor can perform a biopsy immediately or take tissue samples if there are signs of cancer during gastric endoscopy. The laboratory will examine the tissue to determine if it is cancerous.

Gastric Endoscopy Preparation

There are several things that must be done before performing gastric endoscopy.

Check your medical history

The doctor will first ask about your medical history before you undergo an endoscopy procedure. This includes a history regarding the condition you are currently suffering from and a family history.

Check your drug history

Any information you provide about your medications can have an impact on gastric endoscopy procedures. This includes drugs that suppress stomach acid like omeprazole and ranitidine. If you have any allergies to medications or are taking medications, tell your doctor.

Fasting before surgery

Most doctors will ask you to fast for approximately 4-8 hours before performing an endoscopy. Because the doctor will need to perform an endoscopy, your stomach must be empty. The doctor will give you laxatives at night to ensure this.

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Endoscopic Procedure

After making various preparations, the doctor will begin the gastric endoscopy process by administering a sedative. An injection or liquid is usually used to anesthetize the throat.

Anesthesia will make you feel more relaxed, and maybe even sleep better. You should not feel pain when the endoscope passes through your mouth and into your stomach.

The doctor will inspect your stomach for any signs or symptoms of an infection, such as bleeding, wounds, swelling, abnormal tissue growth, or signs of a problem.

Images taken by the camera at end of endoscope will clearly show the condition of stomach wall and gastric cavity. This image can be captured in photos or videos.

Gastric endoscopy results will be correlated with other tests that can help determine the cause and diagnosis of stomach disease. This allows doctors to provide the best treatment.

Gastric endoscopy can be considered safe. Patients are usually allowed to return home the same day as the examination.

Gastric endoscopy can be performed safely. To ensure that your examination is smooth and accurate, consult with your doctor about the preparations you need.

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