Histrionic Personality Disorder, Recognize the Symptoms and How to Overcome Them

Histrionic personality disorder can be described as a need to always be the centre of attention. Although it may not initially bother you, it can cause problems with relationships and even lead to depression and drug abuse.

HPD is a personality disorder that causes sufferers to have an over-emotional need to be the centre of attention. This disorder can also lead to unstable emotions and manipulative behaviour.

Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is more common among women than in men. HPD is more common in young adults than in adolescents. Most people with HPD are unaware that they have it.

Signs & Symptoms of Histrionic Personality disorder

Histrionic personality disorder sufferers also have an over-excited desire to be noticed by others.

  • Feeling unappreciated and pressured, even though you are not the centre of attention
  • To attract attention, they can use their physical appearance by wearing brightly colored or revealing clothing
  • Do not show concern for others and be selfish
  • Has trouble maintaining relationships and appears to be "fake" when interfacing with others
  • Always seeking affirmation, reassurance or approval
  • Are emotions fast changing?
  • Talk dramatically
  • You are easily fooled and can be influenced by others, especially admirers.
  • Too sensitive for criticism
  • Don't act before you think or be rash

Histrionic personality disorder sufferers are more likely to be bored and dissatisfied with their daily routines. Some people with this disorder even threaten suicide in order to attract attention from others.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Histrionic personality disorder is a condition that has not been fully understood. Some studies have shown that the disorder is more likely to be passed down from one generation to another or via genetic factors.

The parenting style that parents show their children when they're young can also contribute to histrionic personality disorder later on.

There are many other factors that could increase the risk of developing histrionic personality disorder . These include childhood trauma, verbal abuse, and a greater sensitivity to the environment.

How To Overcome Histrionic Personality disorder

Histrionic personality disorder sufferers are often unaware that they have a personality disorder. This condition can cause him to lose close relationships with others and interfere with his personal life.

Sufferers may also be more vulnerable to anxiety disorders, depression, and drug abuse. Histrionic personality disorder must be treated with various psychological therapies.

The main treatment for histrionic personality disorder is psychotherapy. This includes cognitive behavior therapy. This therapy is useful for people suffering from personality disorders to understand how their thoughts and emotions influence their actions and vice versa.

This therapy can help HPD sufferers learn to be more self-controlled and respond positively to problems. In certain cases, antidepressant drugs may be prescribed, particularly if there are other mental disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders.

mindfulness therapies, such as yoga and tai-chi, can help those with histrionic personality disorder control their emotions and calm down their minds.

Remember that histrionic personality disorder can be a personality disorder that should not be ignored. It is important to get proper treatment to prevent it from disrupting the lives and daily activities of those suffering.

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