How to Treat Tonsillitis in Children at Home

There are many home remedies for tonsillitis that children can use, in addition to prescription medications from doctors. This treatment aims to speed up your baby's recovery and allow him to play with his friends again without experiencing pain from inflamed tonsils.

Tonsils, or tonsils, are part of the body’s defense system that fights viral and bacterial infection. The tonsils can become inflamed when the immune system fails to work properly or the tonsils aren't able to fight invading viruses and bacteria. This is known as inflammation or tonsillitis.

Children under five years old are most likely to experience inflammation of their tonsils due to a virus. Tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial infection and is most common in children between 5-15 years old.

Recognizing the Symptoms Of Tonsillitis In Children

Tonsillitis is a condition in which a child has difficulty explaining the symptoms and complaints they experience. If your child displays the following symptoms, it is likely that your child has tonsillitis.

  • Fever
  • More cranky and restless
  • It is difficult to swallow
  • Decreased appetite
  • Sore throat
  • Voice lost
  • Ear pain
  • Frequent salivation
  • Bad breath
  • Snoring while you sleep
  • Swollen lymph nodes can cause a lump in the neck.

A spoon handle can be placed on a child's tongue and asked him to say "aaa". Next, you can use a flashlight for a visual inspection of the tonsils and mouth. Reddened tonsils can look swollen and inflamed.

How to treat Tonsillitis in Children

Tonsillitis can be treated at home by children, depending on the cause. Inflammation of the tonsils due to viral infection is usually treated within 1-2 weeks.

If the inflammation of the tonsils is due to a bacterial infection it is necessary to administer tonsillitis according to a doctor's order. There are many treatment options that can be used to treat tonsillitis symptoms in children.

1. Rest well

The best way to heal a sick body is to get some rest. To ensure that your baby's condition does not worsen, rest is essential.

2. Warm drinks and soft food are best

Children can lose their appetite when the tonsils become inflamed. The reason is that children who have inflamed their tonsils will feel pain when they swallow. You can help him by giving him soft foods, such as soups, porridge, and steamed rice, to overcome this problem.

To ease the pain in his throat, you can also make warm honey-infused tea. This should only be done if your child is older than 1 year. Honey should not be given to children younger than 1 year of age, as it can cause botulism.

3. Salt water is a good salt water substitute

Gargling with saltwater is for children over six years of age. This can help to relieve throat pain and treat tonsils. You can use 1 teaspoon salt to 1 glass of warm water and stir it until well blended. Your child should rinse their mouth with the solution and then spit it out.

4. Improve air quality

To reduce inflammation of the tonsils, it is important to have good indoor air quality. If your child is suffering from tonsillitis, it is important to keep them away from pollution such as dust, vehicle fumes, and cigarette smoke. If necessary, you can also use a humidifier to moisten and clean dirty air.

If your tonsils don't respond to home care, or if they persist for a long time, you might need treatment with tonsillectomy.

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