Minus Eyes During Pregnancy, Should You Give Birth a Cesarean?

Many believe that women who have minus eyes should have their caesarean sections. He stated that the risk of blindness increases if the delivery is not performed properly. Is it necessary to give birth by caesarean section for pregnant women with minus eyes?

Minus Eye, also known as myopia, is a vision disorder that causes it to be difficult for people with this condition to see distant objects. This happens because light entering the eye doesn't exactly hit the retina.

Myopia can lead to many complications for people with high myopia. These complications could increase your risk of permanent vision impairment.

Minus Eye and Normal Childbirth: Its Relationship to Normal Childbirth

Before we discuss whether pregnant women with minus-eyes should have a caesarean section or not, it is important to understand the risks that could occur if the delivery goes as planned.

It is not true that myopia-prone pregnant women cannot have children. Pregnant women will go through several stages during normal birth. The pushing stage is one of these stages. This is when the opening has been completed and the baby is ready for birth.

It is well-known that the straining phase increases the likelihood of retinal detached in pregnant myopia patients. This condition is considered dangerous as it can lead to complications such as blindness.

Doctors recommend that women with minus eyes are given caesarean sections for labor.

Should Pregnant Women With Minus Eyes Have Caesarean Births?

This assumption is currently not valid. Numerous studies have shown that retinal detachment is only possible if a pregnant woman has retinal disorders or has high minus eyes (minus 5, above).

Pregnant women with minus eyes do not always need to have a caesarean Section. You can still have a normal delivery Preferably, pregnant women should routinely have their pregnancy checked by the obstetrician.

Pregnant women should consult a doctor regularly to check on their eyes. They can also detect any potential complications.

Remember that the delivery method will not be determined solely by the eye condition. Caesarean is recommended for pregnant women who have certain health conditions such as preeclampsia or narrow pelvis, placenta previa, or fetal distress.

Pregnant women who want to have a safe delivery with normal vision conditions should consult an optometrist or an obstetrician.

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