Newborn Baby Trouble Sleeping? Come on, Know the Cause

In general, newborns sleep more. However, even so, it is possible for newborns to have difficulty sleeping . There are many reasons. Some reasons are common, others are not and should be monitored.

On average, newborns require 14-19 hours sleep per night. Some newborn babies may have difficulty sleeping at night.

Newborns have trouble sleeping

A baby that has trouble sleeping is a huge problem for parents. This is especially true if it happens at night. Mom and dad can feel exhausted if they have to stay up late looking after their child.

Why is your child having trouble sleeping? Should Mom and Dad be concerned? Here are some possible causes of sleep problems in newborns:

1. You can't tell the time between night and day.

Adults sleep more at night than newborns, but this could be because they are less tired. Because newborns are unable to distinguish day from night, their sleeping hours may not be regular.

The baby might sleep more in the morning, evening and night. then stays up late at nights and vice versa. This is normal for all newborns . This is why Mom and Dad need to be patient. Take your child outside every morning to help him adjust to the sunlight.

2 . he rooms are too cold and too hot

Some newborns have a very sensitive reaction to temperature. Some newborns have difficulty sleeping due to extreme heat or cold. You can set the temperature in your child's bedroom to between 23 and 26 Celsius. If you use a fan to cool your child's room, ensure that the wind isn't blowing directly at them. Make sure to ventilate your child's bedroom so there is enough air circulation.

3. Feeling too full or hungry

Babies are used to being woken every few hours to nurse. Breastfeeding babies should be done every 2-3 hours. Formula milk is best given to babies every 3-4 hours. at night, it is important that you get up and feed your baby regularly in order to ensure optimal growth.

Your little one may also feel hungry and have difficulty sleeping because he is too full. It is often difficult for the Little One to fall asleep after he has drunk a lot of milk. He may want to play with Mother even though it's still early in the day.

4. Experiencing health problems

Because of their unhealthy bodies, newborns may have difficulty sleeping. Mothers must be alert for this reason. Babies will often have difficulty sleeping and may also be fussier or show other symptoms like fever.

Health problems that often make it difficult for newborns to sleep are flu , nasal congestion, constipation , flatulence, and allergies .

Parents often have to stay up later because of irregular sleep patterns in newborns. Mom and dad need to be patient if their little one is having trouble sleeping. These difficulties will pass eventually. Gradually, your child will be able to adjust his bedtime to match that of Mom or Dad.

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