Pregnant Women Give Birth in the Hospital, When Should They Leave?

Pregnant women might feel cramps as they approach the day of delivery. But, the hospital advised pregnant women to return home as labor was not yet imminent. Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the hospital if this is true?

Pregnant women should be more aware of the signs and symptoms of labor, particularly abdominal contractions, the closer they get to the birth date. It turns out, there are some things that can cause pregnant women to be misinformed and end up in the hospital before they should.

When is the right time to have a baby at the hospital

There are characteristics that pregnant women should pay attention to when giving birth . These characteristics can be an "alarm" for women who want to visit the hospital. Here's the explanation:


Women who are pregnant should visit the hospital if uterine contractions occur. However, distinguish between fake contractions and real contractions. False contractions may occur as early as the third trimester. These contractions were only felt in the abdomen at the front.

You feel the contractions radiating downwards towards your lower abdomen. Pregnant women know when it is time to labor, because the contractions feel so strong, they can't even speak.

The contractions are regular and last at least 60 seconds. Initial contractions would occur approximately every 15-20 minutes. Over time, contractions became faster and occurred approximately every 5 minutes.

Pregnant women who have had a normal birth can prepare for labor if they feel like contractions are occurring every 10-15 minutes. Mothers who have had previous deliveries will experience a quicker process. Pregnant women who are having their first pregnancy can expect contractions every five minutes.

The amniotic membranes break

The membranes break when they contract more frequently and become stronger. It could have also happened earlier. Most women who are pregnant will give birth between 12-24 hours after their membranes burst. If this happens, you should immediately call the hospital.

It can be released slowly, like a drip or seepage of liquid, but it can also release suddenly. To report to your doctor, keep track of when membranes burst and how much water comes out.

Signs and Traits of Childbirth

There are signs that indicate labor, which can be used to remind pregnant women to visit the hospital. These are the first phases of labor. One of these signs is the false contractions, which we discussed earlier.

These are some other signs that indicate the early stages of labour.

Baby Drop

Pregnant women may feel their baby descend into the pelvic cavity, and then stay there until it is ready to emerge. Pregnant women may feel the urge to urinate more often in this situation. This is because the uterus presses on the bladder harder.

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Vaginal mucous

The cervix will open slowly, just like uterine contractions. The vagina will release mucus from your cervix as the cervix opens. You can choose to have the mucus clear, pink or mixed with blood.

This sign could indicate that the woman is likely to experience labor contractions soon. New labor may occur as soon as 1-2 weeks after the initial sign. Pregnant women should still consult a doctor as a precaution.

Tinting and opening the cervix

The doctor will advise the pregnant woman to wait until she is able to have a baby at home if the cervix appears open.

Pregnant women can check the completeness of their list of items while they wait at home. Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, drink enough water, and do light exercise to replenish the energy pregnant women will need.

If pregnant women feel signs of danger during pregnancy (such as heavy bleeding from their vagina), or swelling throughout the body, immediately go to the hospital.

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