Recognize What is a Pedophile and Its Characteristics and Handling

A pedophile refers to a person with a sexual desire or appetite for children and adolescents younger than 13. While most pedophiles are men, it is possible for women to also be affected.

A pedophile commits sexual deviance. Paraphilia is a sexual disorder that involves this kind of deviation.

Paraphilias deviant sexual fantasies or urges or sexual arousal that involve objects, activities or situations that, for most people, do not arouse sexual desire.

Learn More about Pedophile Behavior

Pedophilic behavior usually begins in adolescence and young adulthood. Pedophilic behavior is usually a result of sexual fantasies or urges toward children younger than 13. This disorder must have been present for at least six months to be considered a pedophile.

A pedophile usually targets children he knows, such as children from his neighbors or family. Pedophilia is different from sexual violence against children. Although a pedophile may have a sexual attraction to children it doesn't mean he will force sexual contact.

Pedophiles are known to approach children with affection and attention. The pedophile will then continue to engage in intimate conversations with the child and perform sexual touch. The child is already feeling close to the pedophile at this stage and may feel ashamed or afraid to reject.

The most vulnerable children to pedophilia are those who are depressed, lonely or get less attention from their parents.

While most pedophiles don't force sexual contact, their actions can have a detrimental effect on the mental health and well-being of their victims. The trauma that pedophiles inflict on children will cause them to feel stressed and depressed.

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Characteristics for a Pedophile

To protect your child from pedophiles you must first understand the characteristics of a true pedophile. Here are some examples:

  • Children are often familiar to parents.
  • Watching pornographic content from children is a common practice.
  • Frequent sexual activity, such as undressing children, with children
  • It's great to pay attention to your child.
  • Always touch the child's legs, starting with non-intimate limbs and ending with the child's sexual organs
  • Rarely are you social and prefer being alone or antisocial.
  • Could have a drug abuse problem

How Someone Becomes a Pedophile

It is unknown with any certainty why someone becomes a child pedophile. Studies have shown that the disorder can be passed from one generation to another. It is not clear if this disorder is due to genetics or inherited behavior.

There are also several factors that increase the risk of becoming an pedophile.

  • Childhood history of sexual abuse
  • Childhood head injuries: History
  • Disorders of the brain

Treatment of Pedophiles

The goal of treatment for pedophilic behavior is to help the pedophile manage his feelings and interests in young children. A pedophile should be able stop engaging in sexual activity.

There are many types of treatment available to treat pedophilia patients, including:

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

This therapy is a type of talk therapy used to change the thoughts and feelings of a child pedophile.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of therapy that increases empathy in pedophiles for child victims of sexual assault so they don't feel compelled to do the same.

This therapy will teach a pedophile how to prevent or divert children's sexual desires from something worse.

2. Drugs

The psychiatrist may also prescribe drugs such as leuprolide and medroxyprogesterone. This is to reduce the hormone testosterone, which can be used to decrease sexual arousal in pedophiles.

The treatment of a pedophile usually takes place over a prolonged period of time. The person who is being treated will determine the success of the treatment. A pedophile patient who is willing to receive all the care and treatment he needs will get the best results.

Although most pedophiles are disgusting and unacceptable, there are also those who feel frustrated by the emotions they are feeling. He is aware that this is wrong but finds it difficult to accept it.

If you suspect that someone you know is a pedophile, or if you feel disturbed by your attraction to young children, you should consult a psychiatrist.

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