Safe Food Choices for Diabetics

A lot of people believe that people who suffer from diabetes aren't eating well. However, there's many foods that are safe to people with diabetes and also taste great. Read the full description below.

A diet for a diabetes sufferer should be managed. If the intake isn't correct blood sugar levels may be out of balance and lead to complications with diabetes. It is therefore crucial for diabetics to be aware of the nutritional value of the food items they would like to eat.

Safe Foods for Diabetics

Here are some food items that are safe for diabetics due to their nutritional composition:

1. Complex carbohydrates Complex carbohydrates

The majority of carbohydrates can be divided into two kinds that are simple carbs and complex. While both are required by your body complicated carbohydrates are considered to be healthier and more nutritious. They are also more suitable for diabetics to consume.

So those with diabetes are advised to concentrate on more nutritious sources of carbohydrates. A few of them are:

  • Tubers, including sweet potatoes and potatoes
  • Tomatoes bananas, berries, and tomatoes
  • Whole grains, for example, oatmeal and brown rice
  • Legumes, like beans and peas
  • Whole grains, including whole wheat bread

Additionally diabetics are advised to limit their consumption of refined carbs like white rice and bread as they can raise blood sugar levels rapidly.

2. S tight

Foods high in fiber can aid in controlling blood sugar levels to ensure that they can be consumed by people with diabetes. There are a variety of foods high in fiber which are safe to consume such as:

  • Fruits, like apple, papaya and peaches
  • Vegetables like broccoli, spinach and even lettuce
  • Nuts, like peanuts as well as almonds
  • Seeds, such as artichokes , chia seeds , and flaxseeds

3. Protein

Protein is an nutrient which is one of the three macronutrients that are essential, in addition to carbohydrates and fats. Protein is essential to the body to provide energy sources, to build as well as repairing tissue, as well as helping to strengthen the immune system.

However, diabetics should be aware when choosing proteins-rich foods because they must be aware of their saturated fat and carbohydrate content of these foods.

To make it easier, here's an extensive list of protein-rich options that are healthy and safe for those with diabetes:

  • Animal protein, like hamstrings or beef skinless chicken breasts, white-flesh fish and eggs
  • Vegetable protein such as black beans, kidney beans peas, edamame, tofu and so on.

4. Healthy fat

Diabetics should also consume fat-rich foods, but they should be eating healthy fats.

Foods that are rich in unsaturated fats are able to reduce the likelihood of developing complications from diabetes which include heart attacks. A few healthy fats that are suitable for those with diabetes include:

  • Monounsaturated fats include canola oil, olive oil, avocado almonds , hazelnuts along with sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds
  • Polyunsaturated fats like oils from sunflowers, corn flaxseeds, walnuts, fish, flaxseeds and flax

5. Vitamins , minerals and antioxidants

In order to get a balanced diet and ensure the health of their bodies they must consume foods that are high in minerals and vitamins. Here are some food items that are high in minerals and vitamins which diabetics should be able to eat:

  • Green vegetables rich in vitamins A, C, E and K, as well as calcium, zinc and potassium
  • Strawberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C like anthocyanins as well as polyphenols
  • Fruits of the citrus (oranges) are rich in fiber and folate, vitamin C as well as potassium
  • Berries that have Vitamins C and K and manganese, fiber and potassium

Safe Food Flavoring for Diabetics 

For people with diabetes, there's in fact no restriction on eating delicious food items that have flavorings. There are some limitations on the type and quantity of flavorings which require consideration, for example:


The addition of salt to meals for those with diabetes is a good idea. But, the amount of salt consumed should be controlled as it could raise blood pressure and cause adverse effects in their overall health.

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Salt intake for type 2 diabetics should be restricted by less than one teaspoon daily. If you are planning to eat canned or processed foods ensure that the sodium or salt amount is not more that 140 mg for each serving. But those with diabetes are advised to limit their intake of processed foods. .

Artificial sweeteners

Diabetics need to choose the right food items particularly those that contain sweet or sugary foods. If you want to eat sweet foods, diabetics can consider sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners .

Certain sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners that are consumed by diabetics include:

  • Stevia
  • lo han kuo
  • Erythritol
  • Aspartame
  • Saccharin
  • Sucralose

Herbs and Spices

A study revealed that the utilization of spices and herbs is considered to manage blood sugar levels. As such, it is frequently referred to as a natural cure for those suffering from diabetes.

Additionally the use of spices and herbs are great for flavoring food and may even help reduce the amount of sugar and salt. Here are some spices and herbs which are great for people who suffer from diabetes

  • Cinnamon
  • Chives
  • garlic
  • Adas
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric
  • Fenugreek

After having a better understanding of the information above the diabetics needn't feel sad because they aren't eating well.

When you eat healthy and nutritious foods, and follow the prescriptions of your physician, it is desired to be able to control your blood sugar so that it will be properly controlled.

But, it's an illness that lasts for an extended period of time, and every patient with diabetes is affected by an individual condition. When your condition is being accompanied by other issues including kidney problems or injuries that can be challenging to heal, you'll need consult your physician to learn the best foods to eat.

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