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Are you certain that you know the right way to cut nails? It may seem trivial to cut nails, but it is important. If you don't do it correctly, instead of neatening nails, you can cause serious health problems.

Nail care should be performed regularly. However, not everyone is able to properly cut nails. This can lead to sores on the fingers or ingrown nails.

How to Cut Nails

Nails can generally be cut every 2-3 weeks, or when they feel too long. These are some tips to properly trim your nails

1. Make sure you have the right tools

For finger nails, use scissors only. Fingernail scissors are generally smaller than those for toes. You should ensure that the nail clippers you use are sharp and clean. Use of rusty nail clippers can make it more difficult and result in poor cuts.

2 . Prepare nails

It is easier to cut nails when they are still soft. You can soften your nails by soaking your fingers in warm water for just a few seconds. You can also cut your nails after you have taken a bath.

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3. Properly trim nails

You can cut your fingernails in the same direction as the curve of your nail, up to the point where the skin attaches. It is important to do it slowly so that you don't injure your skin. Do not cut too deeply, or even to the edge of your nail line.

Toenails must be cut straight so that the ends of the toenails look square and not oval. To prevent the nail tip from digging into the skin, do not cut your toenails along the curve of the nail.

No need to cut nail cuticles , huh. Trimming your cuticles will make it easier for germs and bacteria to infect your nails.

4. Smoothen the edges of the nails

After cutting nails, there may be some uneven or rough pieces. The skin can be damaged by scratching if it isn't checked. To make your nails' edges smoother, use a nail file. You should file nails in one direction, starting at the edge and working your way to the middle.

After filing your nails, apply moisturizer to your fingers and toes. Moisturizer will protect your nails from becoming brittle or broken by keeping them soft. You can also use nail vitamins to make your nails healthier and look beautiful.

It is best to avoid biting your nails. Biting your nails may increase the chance of cracks or broken teeth, cracked nails, or infections from bacteria or germs.

Learn how to properly cut nails for neat and healthy nails. A doctor can help you cut the nails that are best for you if you have any problems.

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