The Danger of Air Pollution in Children and How to Overcome It

Impact of Air Pollution on Children's Health

The risks to children's health that they could be exposed to due to air pollution include:

Repiratory tract infection

The lungs and the respiratory tract of children remain in development, and exposure to air pollution could be damaging the growth of these organs and the respiratory tract. If a child has allergies or asthma exposure to pollution from the air could increase the chance of recurrence of the condition.

Additionally the exposure to pollution from air over time can cause an increase in the likelihood of developing bronchitis and respiratory infections. tract.

Fetal disorders

Beyond being exposed directly, risks of air pollution may also be felt by the baby while it remains in the mother's womb. A study has revealed the fact that pregnant women who are exposed pollutant-laden air tend to have preterm birth that can lead to neurological disorders, and possibly permanent physical impairments in children.

Additionally the exposure to the high concentrations of pollutants in the air, specifically during the third trimester of pregnancy, can increase the likelihood of the development of autism among children.

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Mental disorders

A recent study has revealed that prolonged exposure to air pollution is linked with the development of mental illnesses, like bipolar disorder, as well as personality disorders in children.

But don't get too worried now, as air pollution is just one of the many causes. Mental issues can result from many factors, including the environment and genetics.

Air pollution isn't a good thing for kids to breath. Air pollution doesn't always originate from outside. Rooms within the home are susceptible to contamination with air pollution, like cigarette smoke, fumes from the stove and air freshener products. wall paint, and other cleaning products.

How to Safeguard Children from Air Pollution

The risks of air pollution for the health of children are very worrying. There are a variety of ways to ensure that your child does not get exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution, specifically:

  • Don't burn garbage in the vicinity around the home.
  • Make sure your child is safe from the smoke of cigarettes.
  • Check that the ventilation in the kitchen and the home is sufficient, to ensure that cooking fumes do not pollute the air that circulates in the home.
  • Utilize the air purifier fitted with a filter which is equipped with high-efficiency particulate absorption (HEPA) technique.
  • Use a mask to protect your baby's face during outdoor activities in which there is a chance of exposure to the air pollution.

Also, don't not forget to get your vaccinations and to teach good habits for living, which includes consistently cleaning the hands with soap and running water.

The effects of air pollution are not just children however, it can also affect the whole family. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines and strategies above to minimize exposure to pollution from the air.

If pollution from the air causes symptoms and health issues for your baby, Mother should immediately consult with a physician for the proper treatment.

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