Why Do Pregnant Women Need a Tetanus Vaccine?

The pregnant women are urged to take the tetanus vaccination (TT). This is due to the fact that Tetanus remains an issue for health in Indonesia and the effects on which may increase the risk of dying for infants.

It is crucial for Mother to be aware that it is important to know that the TT vaccination is secure to administer to pregnant women. It also reduces the chance of tetanus developing within the fetus and mother within the womb of the mother This vaccine also helps stop the spread of tetanus to newborns (tetanus neonatorum).

The Reasons Behind the Importance of Doing the TT Vaccine

Tetanus is a prevalent disease that is prevalent in countries with poor. The reason is due to the toxins of the bacterium Clostridium Tetani .

The bacteria can infiltrate to the human body by way of wounds infected by animal feces, soil, or soil or through injuries caused by rusty objects. However, it's more frequent for bacteria to enter by deep wounds, like puncture wounds or bites.

In the case of tetanus among infants infections can develop because of unhygienic birth processes like cutting off the cord with a non-sterile cutting tool. Once the baby's body is infected the C. Tetani bacteria can multiply and cause problems that can cause the infant's death.

It is therefore essential that pregnant women receive an TT vaccine. The tetanus vaccine creates antibodies that can be passed on to the fetus in an natural method of protecting against tetanus during the womb up to several months after birth.

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Giving TT Vaccines to Pregnant Women

The tetanus vaccination is available at pokesmas the posyandu the vaccination center, or in the hospital. When the first baby is born doctors will advise pregnant women to receive at least two injections of the vaccine for tetanus four weeks apart. The exact timing for the injection will be decided by the doctor.

If, however, the woman who is pregnant has never been vaccinated against tetanus before or her history of vaccination is not known the tetanus vaccination needs to be administered 3 times, beginning with the first injection as soon as is possible. The time between first and the second injection is four weeks, and the interval between the third and the second injections is six months.

If a pregnant woman has a second pregnancy within the two years after the birth of her first baby, the tetanus vaccine will be based on the woman's history of vaccination. If during the first pregnancy, the woman received two injections of the vaccine tetanus The doctor will suggest booster injections or booster shots .

The tetanus vaccine can be in the form of a TT vaccine or a Tdap vaccine (a tetanus-diphtheria-pertussis vaccine combination). The Tdap vaccine is available to children aged 10 and over old and adults including pregnant women.

Following the immunization with tetanus there are some adverse effects, like discomfort, redness or swelling of the site of injection, fever and headaches. However, these effects aren't always apparent and can disappear by themselves.

Take the tetanus vaccine as per the advice of your doctor and, if you are pregnant, it is OK. The TT vaccine will stop tetanus-related infections among pregnant women and their babies. Also, the birth is with help from the midwife or physician in order that the chance of contracting Tetanus is minimized.

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