Yoga of Laughter, Here's How and Its Benefits for Health

You want a healthy body, but feel like exercise is too difficult. You haven't tried laughter Yoga yet. It is easy to practice and can make your heart happy. This article will provide more details.

As its name implies, laughter yoga involves the practice of adjusting your breathing and laughing patterns. Laughter can have psychological benefits and help maintain mental health. A series of benefits can be achieved when you combine laughter with yoga breathing exercises.

Benefits of laughing yoga

Combining laughter with breathing exercises during laughing yoga can increase oxygen saturation and flow throughout the body, including to the brain. These exercises can have many health benefits including:

1. Overcoming sleep disturbances

You should try laughter yoga if you are having trouble sleeping or have insomnia. There are numerous studies that show laughter yoga can improve sleep quality, and even overcome sleep disorders like insomnia.

2. Overcoming depression

Research has shown that laughter yoga can help with depression. This is due to the release of endorphins that you get from laughing, which can help you feel happier.

3. Helps relieve dementia

While further research is needed, laughter yoga may be able bring benefits to those with dementia. This is due to the ability of yoga to maintain brain health, and laughter activities that can reduce aggressive behavior in people with dementia.

4. Improvement of the quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis sufferers who experience stress can have their complaints worsen. People with multiple sclerosis may practice laughter yoga to reduce stress. Because laughter and yoga can reduce stress and help you feel more relaxed,

How to do Laughter Yoga at home

A trained instructor can lead a laughter yoga class or you can do it at home. Laughter yoga is more enjoyable when you invite at least four people.

Here are some tips for laughter yoga

* Cross-legged, sit on the mat next to other participants in yoga.

As a warm up, take deep breaths for five seconds and then exhale slowly. This movement can be repeated several times.

* Warm up and clap your hands to other participants in yoga. The group will be more energetic and coordinated if the palms are stimulated and pressurized. For 4-6 sets, repeat the clap motion.

* You can cheer or sing while clapping your hands to others. This will make the atmosphere more relaxed, comfortable, and enjoyable. You can also look at one another to trigger laughter.

* Next, relax by laying your hands on your knees. Take a deep, slow inhale and close your eyes. For 5-10 minutes, focus your attention on your breath.

That's how you do laughter yoga. It's easy, right? To reap the many benefits, you can share it with your family, friends, and partner.

If you feel the sport is not right for you or that you are not getting the results, consult your doctor. He will be able to recommend other exercises that could improve your health.

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