List of Fruits to Launch Defecate

Many fruits can be used to help with constipation. Although fruits are generally high in fiber and water, they also contain powerful ingredients that can help with bowel movements.

Many over-the-counter medications are used to treat constipation. This condition can be treated with simple lifestyle changes. You can increase fluid intake by eating more fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Smooth CHAPTER

The following fruits have been shown to stimulate bowel movement and maintain good health.

1. Oranges

This orange fruit is a well-known and loved fruit. Large oranges contain 4g fiber and about 86 calories. It can aid in bowel movements by its fiber content. It also contains active flavonol, which can prevent or treat constipation.

2. Appeal

The list of fruits that can cause bowel movements also includes apples. This is because of the presence of petin, a water-soluble fiber in apples, which can accelerate the passage of feces through the intestinal tract and alleviate constipation symptoms. This benefit is not only available from the flesh but also the skin. If you wish to eat apples without the skin, be sure to wash them well.

3. Pears

pears contain more fiber than other fruits, which helps to smooth bowel movements. The fructose content in pears is very good for stimulating bowel movements, while sorbitol can function as a natural laxative . Both are important in the launch of BAB.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi is a fruit high in fiber and low sugar. It is safe for your stomach and smooth bowel movements. The actinidain protein content in kiwi fruits is a plus. This has a positive impact on the movement and work of the intestines.

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Most fruits are high in fiber, which can help to launch bowel movements. However, some fruit, such as unripe bananas or sour persimmons, can make it more difficult to have bowel movements.

Either eat it directly or process it?

To launch the above bowel movements, you can either eat fruits directly or process them. These fruits must be eaten in their freshest form.

These types of fruits can be made into juices that are included in bowel friendly drinks. The juice from processed fruit can be used to meet fluid requirements and aid in bowel movements.

To stimulate bowel movement, eat the above fruits regularly. If constipation persists or becomes worse, you should consult your doctor to determine the root cause and provide the appropriate treatment.

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